Owner's Manual

It is necessary to lubricate the food chute slide rods with mineral oil weekly or when it is
hard to push.
A. Close slicer table.
B. Pull food chute handle completely forward (toward
operator (Fig.19-1)
C. Remove cap from oil container. Add several drops of
mineral oil into the oil hole.
D. Move the chute back and forth to spread oil on slide
rods underneath.
E. Wipe off excess oil.
1. Chute Slide Rods
A. The end weight slide rod(#1) (Fig.19-2) should be
lubricated as needed with a few drops of mineral oil.
2. End Weight Slide Rod
A. The sharpener shafts should be lubricated once per
month with a few drops of mineral oil.
B. Add mineral oil to each of the sharpener shaft (behind
the stone) where the shaft enters the sharpener housing.
3. Sharpener
It is recommended that all threaded screws be lubricated
after each cleaning to maximize the life of your slicer.
4. Other Lubrication
Fig. 19-1
Fig. 19-2