Owner's Manual

One Year Warranty:
Radiance Medium Duty Microwaves- ER/MR series (TMW-1100ER, TMW-1100MR)
Radiance Ranges & Countertop cooking series
Radiance Cheesemelters, Salamanders, Steam Tables, Hand Wrappers, and Food Warmers
(All TACM-, TASM-, RST-, RHW-, RFW-)
German Knife Light Duty Slicer- LD series (GS-10LD, GS-12LD)
Two Year Warranty:
German Knife Heavy Duty Meat Slicer- Automatic & Manual (GS-12A, GS-12M, GS-13A, GS-13M)
German Knife Meat Grinder (All GG-)
German Knife Band Saw (All GBS-)
Three Year Warranty:
Radiance Heavy Duty Microwaves- HD Series (TMW-1200HD, TMW-1800HD)
Any part covered under this warranty that is found by German Knife / Radiance to have been defective within the
above time period is limited to the repair or replacement, including labor charges, of defective parts or assemblies.
The labor charges shall include standard straight time labor charges only and reasonable travel time as determined
by German Knife / Radiance.
German Knife / Radiance warrants that the equipment, as supplied from the factory to the end-user, is free from
defects in materials and workmanship. Should any part be found defective resulting from normal use within the defined
warranty period, German Knife / Radiance will gladly dispatch an authorized service agency to repair and/or replace
necessary parts under the following conditions.
Repairs under this warranty are to be performed by a German Knife / Radiance authorized service agency only.
German Knife / Radiance will not be responsible for service parts and labor charges performed by non-authorized
service companies. All claims should include the model number, serial number, proof of purchase, date of installation,
and all pertinent information supporting the alleged defect.
German Knife / Radiance’s sole obligation under this warranty is limited to either repair or replacement of parts,
subject to the additional limitations below. This warranty neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume
obligations other than those expressly covered by this warranty.
Equipment failure resulting from improper installation will not be honored under warranty. Examples are
wrong utility connection and improper utility supply problems.
Equipment that has not been maintained accordingly. Examples are calibration of controls, adjustment to
pilots and burners, and damage from improper cleaning.
Equipment that has not been used in an appropriate manner, alteration, neglect, abuse, misuse, accident,
damage during transit or installation, fire, food, acts of God.
Warranty is not transferrable and only applies in favor of the original purchaser.
Equipment failure resulting from electrical power failure, use of extension cords, low voltage, and voltage
drops to the unit.
These warranties are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, including implied warranty and merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose. No consequential damages. German Knife / Radiance is not responsible for economic
loss, profit loss or special, indirect, or consequential damages. There are no warranties which extend beyond the
description on the face hereof.
Outside the U.S., this warranty does not apply to, and German Knife / Radiance is not responsible for, any warranty
claims made on products sold or used outside the continent of the United States.