Owner's Manual

German Knife’s equipment is designed to provide safe and productive processing of food
products as long as the equipment is used in accordance with the instructions in this manual
and is properly maintained. Unless the operator is adequately trained and supervised, there is a
possibility of SERIOUS INJURY. Owners of this equipment bear the responsibility to make
certain that this equipment is used properly and safely, strictly following all the instructions
contained in this manual and the requirements of local, state or federal law.
Supervisor should not permit anyone to touch this equipment unless they are at least 18 years
old, are adequately trained and supervised, and have read and understood this manual. Super-
visors should also ensure that no customers, visitors or other unauthorized personnel come in
contact with this equipment. Please remember that German Knife cannot anticipate every
circumstance or environment in which its equipment will be operated. It is the responsibility of
the owner and the operator to remain alert to any hazards posed by the function of this equip-
ment - particularly the sharp knife and all moving parts. If you are uncertain about a particular
task or the proper method of operating this equipment, ask your supervisor.
This manual contains a Safety Tips Section listing a number of precautions to follow to help
promote safe use of this equipment. Throughout the manual you will see additional warnings to
help alert you to potential hazards.
Warning affecting your personal safety are indicated by :
Warning related to possible damage to the equipment are indicated by :
A wall chart, which includes safety instructions, is also included with this equipment.
This wall chart should be posted near the slicer within easy view of the operator. You should
also make certain that this manual is available for easy reference by any operator. German
Knife has put several warning labels in English on its slicers. Spanish labels are packed in the
shipping carton and can replace the English labels at the owner’s option. For any warning label
copies, please contact your nearest representative or German Knife directly for these items at
no charge.
Please remember that this manual, the wall chart, or the warning do not replace the need to be
alert, to properly train and supervise operators, and to use common sense when using this