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Call lists
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Call lists
The telephone saves different types of calls in lists. The following call lists are available:
If the call list is full, a new entry overwrites the oldest.
Opening the call list
¤ . . . use to select a list (All, Accepted, Missed, Outgoing) . . . the calls in the
selected list type are displayed
Information about the calls
Displaying more information about an entry: View . . . use to scroll through the entry
Number type (if the caller is entered in the directory): Phone Home, Phone Office,
Phone Mobile
Call duration
Info: more information supplied by the provider (CNIP); otherwise the telephone number
Calling back a caller
¤ . . . use to select a list . . . use to select entry lift handset . . . the
number is dialled
All Calls All outgoing, accepted and missed calls.
Accepted Calls Calls that were accepted.
Missed Calls Calls that were not accepted.
Missed calls that have not yet been viewed can also be accessed via
the M
essage key ( p. 22).
Outgoing Calls Last selected numbers (redial list).
Icon for the call type:
Missed Calls,
Accepted Calls,
Outgoing Calls
Caller's number. If the number is saved in the
directory, the name is displayed instead.
Date and time of the call
Call Lists
All Accepted Missed Outgoing
Today, 09:30
Peter Brown
22.06, 11:30