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Door interphone
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Door interphone
The telephone can operate a door interphone.
End the connection to the door interphone without opening the door: Rejec
Hold a conversation via the door interphone: Lift the handset
Open the door: Open Door
The administrator has set up the door interphone with the Web configurator.
f someone rings at the door interphone, this is
signalled like an incoming call on the phone.
The name of the door interphone is displayed as the
If a camera is assigned to the door interphone, the
camera image is displayed.
The name and address of the webcam must be
entered in the Web configurator by the administrator.
If you are conducting a telephone call, the ring at the door is signalled by a Call
Waiting tone ( p. 18). You can either reject the call or accept and open the door.
When the connection to the door interphone is ended, the previous connection is
restored. Toggling between calls is not possible.
An incoming call is signalled as a Call Waiting if you are already connected to the door
interphone. If you accept the call, the connection to the door interphone is ended.
Setting the ringtone for the door interphone: p. 32
Open DoorReject
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