Operation Manual

Gigaset Maxwell 3 PRO / LUG CA-IE-UK-US-International en / A31088-N4003-R101-4-19 / settings.fm / 1/15/18
Template Go, Version 1, 01.07.2014 / ModuleVersion 1.0
Basic settings
Advisory tones
The handset notifies acoustically about different activities and statuses.
These advisory tones can be switched on/off independently of each other.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK Advisory
Tones OK Select the option required ( = enabled / = disabled)
Call volume
The call volume (volume during a call) can be set on 10 levels separately for the receiver, speaker
and a headset connected.
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK Call
Volume OK Select Handset, Handsfree or Headset
. . . The current volume is displayed graphically
¤ . . . Use to select the required volume Save
You can choose a digital or analogue clock as the screensaver for the phone’s display when in
idle status.
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Display OK Screensaver . . . then
Exiting the screensaver
¤ Press any key briefly . . . the display changes to idle status
Confirmations: At the end of an entry or after making a setting and when a new entry arrives
in the net
work mailbox or the call list, if an entry is incorrect.
Key Click: Each press of a key is accompanied by an acoustic signal.
Changing the volume during a call:
¤ Press the volume keys (for louder) or (for quieter)
You can also use the contents of Web pages and images you have loaded
to the phone ( p. 43)
Switch off: . . . Use to select Off Save
Switch on: . . . Use to select the time the display spends in idle status before
the screensaver becomes active (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes)
Select screensaver:
¤ . . . Use to select the screensaver (Digital Clock /
Analog Clock)
Save the selection:
¤ Save