Operation Manual

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Basic settings
A local network can be divided into logical subnetworks known as VLANs (VLAN = Virtual Local
Area Network). VLANs are used for example to separate the data traffic of different services
(Internet telephony, Internet TV, etc.) and to define different priorities for the data traffic.
Show the phone’s VLAN settings.
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK VLAN OK
Restarting the phone
You can restart the device if required. All settings are retained.
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Reboot OK confirm prompt with Yes
Resetting the device to the factory settings
A reset returns all the settings to the default settings. Network configuration, VoIP connections,
directories, call lists and all the individual settings are deleted or restored to the factory settings.
Resetting using the device keys
¤ Disconnect the telephone from the mains power supply press the Control key
holding the key down, reconnect the device with the power supply
Changes to these settings should only be made by the administrator.
VLAN Tagging: The following information is displayed when VLAN Tagging is enabled
VLAN Identifier (LAN): ID of the virtual network to which the phone belongs.
LAN Priority (LAN): Priority of the virtual network to which the phone belongs.
Changes to these settings can only be made by the administrator.
The function can only be run by the administrator.
You can back up your personal settings before a reset: p. 46