Operation Manual

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Basic settings
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Displaying device information
The menu entry Info provides information about important settings on the telephone.
ยค . . . use to select Settings OK Info . . . the following information is
Device: Telephone product name
SW Version: Version of the firmware currently loaded on the phone.
Variant: Country-specific version of the product
MAC Address: The phone's device address.
IP Address: The phone's current IP address within the local network. The IP
address is usually set automatically via a DHCP server in the network.
Subnet Mask: The subnet mask for the local network. It specifies how many parts
of the IP address make up the network prefix and how many parts
make up the device address. The network prefix must be the same
for all the devices in the local network.
Standard Gateway: IP address of the system in the local network which assigns the
address and forwards information to other networks. This is
frequently a router.
Preferred DNS: IP address of the system in the local network providing IP addresses
belonging to domain names.
There is more information about the settings and the status of the telephone in the
status display of the Web configurator ( p. 47).