Operation Manual

Gigaset Maxwell 3 PRO / LUG CA-IE-UK-US-International en / A31088-N4003-R101-4-19 / web_configurator.fm / 1/15/18
Template Go, Version 1, 01.07.2014 / ModuleVersion 1.0
Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
Changing the standard send connection
If the telephone has more than one VoIP connection, outgoing calls are initiated via the standard
send connection (
p. 13).
Changing the standard send connection:
¤ Settings Tel ephony Connections
All the configured connections are shown. The check box under Def
ault send Connection
shows which connection is currently selected.
¤ Check the connection required Set
Only active connections can be selected.
If the standard send connection selected cannot be accessed, use another connection:
¤ Set the switch next to SIP Accounts-Failover to Ye s
Settings for Call Waiting
Specify the telephone's response when another call comes in during a call.
¤ Settings Tel ephony Call Settings
For each connection:
Prevent/permit Call Waiting:
¤ Select the option under Display Waiting Call ( = Call Waiting permitted) /
deselect ( = Call Waiting not permitted)
Permit Call Waiting:
¤ Select Acoustic signal from the list
Off: the incoming call is shown in the display only
or signalling with a Call Waiting tone (beep): once or every 4, 10, or 20 seconds
Save the settings: Set