Operation Manual

Template Go, Version 1, 01.07.2014 / ModuleVersion 1.0
Gigaset Maxwell 3 PRO / LUG CA-IE-UK-US-International en / A31088-N4003-R101-4-19 / overview_maxwell_3.fm / 1/15/18
5 Status LED Status display for incoming calls
Flashes: Incoming call
Lights up: Call in progress
6 Function keys Programmable keys p. 9
LED function depends on the key assignment p. 43
7 Control key Scroll through lists and entries. In idle status: p. 9
Open the call list p. 22
Open the menu p. 10
Open the directory p. 26
8 Do Not Disturb key Activate/deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) p. 16
Lights up: "Do Not Disturb" function is activated
9 Message Centre Open call and message lists p. 22
Flashes: New message in the Message Centre
10 Consultation call key Initiate/end consultation call; put participant on hold p. 20
11 End/back key Cancel function;
go back one menu level (press briefly);
return to idle status (press and hold)
p. 10
12 Conference call key Initiate conference call p. 20
13 Handsfree key Activate/deactivate speakers p. 17
Start dialling p. 13
Lights up: Call is being made via the speaker
(handsfree mode)
14 Headset key Make call via headset p. 16
Start dialling p. 13
Lights up: Call is being made via the headset
15 Mute key Activate/deactivate microphone (mute) p. 17
Lights up: The microphone is muted
16 Microphone Microphone of the handsfree unit