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Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
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Setting up Call Divert
Forwarding incoming calls to another number or a network mailbox.
¤ Settings Tel ephony Call Divert
For each connection (I
ncoming line):
Specifying the destination of diverted calls:
¤ Check the box under Voicemail
¤ check the box under Target number enter the number, to which calls are to be
For diverting calls when No Answer:
¤ From the Delay list, select the period after which Call Divert should be activated.
Activating/deactivating Call Divert:
¤ Select the option under Active ( = activated) / deselect ( = not activated) Set
Do not Disturb
Block phone numbers and/or all anonymous calls. Calls from blocked numbers are not signalled.
¤ Settings Tel ephony Do not Disturb
The black list contains all the blocked numbers.
The provider/the PABX supports this function.
All Calls Forward all incoming calls.
When Busy Forward incoming calls when the line is busy.
No Answer Forward incoming calls after a defined period if they are not accepted.
Setting up Call Divert via the display menu: p. 21
provider/the PABX supports this function.
Activate the black list:
¤ Set the switch next to DND list to Yes
Block a number:
¤ Enter Name and Phone number of the call click on Add
Delete an entry:
¤ Click next to the entry
Delete all entries:
¤ Click Delete all
Block all anonymous calls:
¤ Activate the option Block anonymous callers ( = activated)
Save the settings:
¤ Set