Operation Manual

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Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
Desk Phone
Specifying and loading ringtones
Set a ringtone for each configured VoIP connection or use a standard ringtone for all of them.
¤ Settings Desk Phone Ringtones
Selecting ringtones
The standard ringtone is used for connections or events for which no individual ringtone has
been set up.
¤ Select a ringtone from the Default ringtone list click on Play . . . the melody selected is
played on the telephone Set
Use the standard ringtone for all calls:
¤ click on Use for all calls Set
set a different ringtone for each connection:
¤ Select ringtones for the various events from the lists click on Play . . . the melody selected
is played Set
Different ringtones can be used for the following events: Ex
ternal Calls, Internal Calls,
Group calls, sig
nal from the Door Station
Loading ringtones from the PC
The ringtones available are displayed with a file name and size. A maximum of 20 more ringtones
can be loaded into the telephone memory from the PC.
The data on the PC must be in the following format:
¤ Next to the Ringtone file click on Browse in the file system of the PC navigate to the
location of the ringtone files in the memory and select the file required . . . the file name is
Setting ringtones using the display menu: p. 32
Format Max. number Total size
mp3, ogg, wav 20 max. 5 MB
Load the ringtone file: ¤ Click on . . . the ringtone file is loaded into the telephone's
internal memory and presented for selection in the lists
Delete a ringtone file:
¤ Click on . . . the ringtone file is deleted from the list
Save the settings:
¤ Set
Check available space in the memory: p. 47