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Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
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Settings for the display
Tailor the telephone display to personal preferences and requirements.
¤ Settings Desk Phone Display
Loading images and setting the screensaver
The default screensaver is an analogue clock. A digital clock, contents from web pages and
images can also be used. Images must be loaded to the phone.
¤ Settings Desk Phone Pictures
Setting up a screensaver
¤ From the Screensaver Activation list, select the time the display spends in idle status before
the screensaver becomes active. 0 = Screensaver disabled
¤ Select from the Screensaver list the required screensaver (Analog clock, Digital Clock,
Pictures or HTTP Source)
HTTP Source selected: In the HTTP Source field, enter the URL for the Web page
Save the settings: Set
Loading pictures
The available images are shown in the Stored Pictures list. A maximum of 20 images can be
loaded into the telephone memory from the PC.
The data must be in the following format on the PC:
¤ Select the language to be used for the display from the
Language list
Colour Scheme:
¤ Select the colour scheme for the display from the Colour Scheme
list (white on black, white on blue, white on red or white on
¤ Use the slider to select the screensaver brightness (1 – 10;
1 = dark, 10 = light)
Standby Brightness:
¤ Use the slider to select the display brightness when the phone is
in idle status (1 – 10; 1 = dark, 10 = light)
¤ Use the slider to select the intensity of the display light (1 – 10;
1 = dark, 10 = light)
¤ Use the slider to select the screen contrast (1 – 9)
Save the settings:
¤ Set
All the settings can also be made through the display menu: p. 33
Setting the screensaver from the display menu: p. 33
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