Operation Manual

Gigaset Maxwell 3 PRO / LUG CA-IE-UK-US-International en / A31088-N4003-R101-4-19 / web_configurator.fm / 1/15/18
Template Go, Version 1, 01.07.2014 / ModuleVersion 1.0
Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
¤ Next to the Picture file click on Browse in the file system of the PC navigate to the location
of the ringtone files in the memory and select the file required . . . the file name is displayed
Assigning quick dial keys
Assign a quick dial number or function to the phone’s keys.
Select with quick dial: p. 14
¤ Settings Desk Phone Keys and LEDs
The Quick D
ial Keys table contains an entry each for keys 1 - 4.
Assigning a function:
¤ Click the entry Select function from the list Set
Assigning function keys
Function keys: p. 9
¤ Settings Desk Phone Keys and LEDs
The Fu
nction Keys - Left and Function Keys - Right tables contain an entry for every function
Load an image file: ¤ Click on . . . the image file is loaded into the telephone's
memory and presented for selection
Select an image file:
¤ Highlight the image file ( = selected) . . . The image file is used
as the screensaver
If multiple files are selected, they are shown alternately on the
Delete an image:
¤ Click on . . . the ringtone file is deleted from the list
Save the settings:
¤ Set
Check available space in the memory: p. 47
Default The key has the standard function (digit key).
Quick Dial The key is used for quick dialling a number
¤ Enter the number in the text field
FAC (Function Access Code) The key sends a code to the phone system or provider to
enable/disable a function or service.
¤ Enter the code in the text field
Example: *71 Enable call divert
*071 Disable call divert
Action URL The key is used to call an Action URL. An Action URL is used by the phone to
communicate with a Web server application.
¤ Enter the URL in the text field