Operation Manual

Gigaset Maxwell 3 PRO / LUG CA-IE-UK-US-International en / A31088-N4003-R101-4-19 / web_configurator.fm / 1/15/18
Template Go, Version 1, 01.07.2014 / ModuleVersion 1.0
Configuring other settings with the Web configurator
¤ In the Display Name field, enter a description for the function key. This name is shown on the
display next to the function key.
For the Line, BLF and FAC key assignments, you can select the LED colour.
¤ Select the required colour next to LED colour.
For key assignments Line and BLF, the selection Standard means:
Save the settings: Set
BLF The phone is connected to a PABX which supports this function and the
is assigned to a group.
A function key that is configured as BLF (Busy Lamp Field) indicates the status
a shared line. It is configured on all extensions of the group. The keys flash on
all extensions when a call arrives, and light up when the line on any extension
is busy.
¤ Select the desired connection Enter the Target number
Accept incoming calls: Enter Ca
ll Pickup Code
SIP URI Assigns the function key a SIP URI (Internet phone number in SIP notation).
¤ Enter the SIP URI (e.g. sip:Susan.Brown@
Call Divert Enable the call divert set up previously (
p. 40).
¤ Select the Line for which the call divert is set up
DTMF Assigns the function key a number dialled
using DTMF. This is required for
example for querying and controlling certain network mailboxes via digit
codes or for remote operation of the local answer machine.
¤ Enter the number to be dialled using DTMF signalling.
Action URL Assigns an Action URL to the function key. An Action URL is used by the phone
o communicate with a Web server application.
¤ Enter the URL in the text field
SIP INFO Assigns the function key a SIP INFO call to the PABX. The following calls can be
Record Start/stop call recording
Divert CFU Divert all calls
Divert CFB Divert calls when the phone is busy
Divert CFNR Divert calls when they are not accepted
Day/Night Enable/disable day/night activation
FAC (Function Access Code) The key sends a code to the phone system or provider
o enable/disable a function or service.
¤ In text fields Enable Service/Disable Service, enter the codes for enabling/
disabling the function or service . . . Pressing once sends the code in Enable
Service, pressing once again sends the code in Disable Service.
Yellow Not registered / error
Green Free
Permanently red Conversation ongoing
Flashing red Incoming call