Operation Manual

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Illustration in the user guide
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Illustration in the user guide
Example: Setting the display language
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Language OK . . . use to select
the language Select ( = selected)
Important information regarding function and appropriate handling or functions
that could generate costs.
Prerequisite for carrying out the following action.
Additional helpful information.
Handsfree key Do not disturb key
Headset key Message key
End/Back key / Volume keys
Conference call key Hash key
Consultation call key Star key
Mute key Digit/letter keys
/ Control key rim / centre
OK, Back, Select, Save, . . . Display keys
Step Follow this procedure
¤ Press the centre of the Control key in idle status.
The main menu opens.
¤ OK
Navigate to the icon using the Control key .
Press OK to confirm. The submenu Settings opens.
¤ Language
¤ OK
Select the Language entry using the Control key .
Press OK to confirm. The submenu Language opens.
¤ Press the Control key to select the language required.
¤ Select Press the Display key Select to highlight the entry.
The selected option is indicated with .