Operation Manual

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Getting to know your telephone
Function keys
Programmable function keys offer rapid access to frequently used numbers and functions.
The current assignment is displayed in idle status.
Assigning values to the function keys with the Web configurator: p. 43
Control key
In the description below, the side of the Control key (up, down, right, left) that you have to press
in the different operating situations is marked in black, e. g. for "press right on the Control
key" or for "press the centre of the Control key".
In idle status
In submenus and lists and selection fields
The number of function keys can be increased by an expansion module.
The Control key enables you to navigate the menus and input fields, and also
to call up certain functions depending on the situation.
Open the main menu
Open the call lists
Open the directory assigned to the key Briefly press
Open the list of available directories Press and hold
Select/confirm function
Scroll one line upwards/downwards Briefly press
Scroll the list upwards/downwards Press and hold