- GMC 2300W 235mm (9-1/4") Circular Saw with Laser Line Generator Instruction Manual LS236LS

Full 2 Years Commercial and
Trade Use Warranty
Whilst every effort is made to ensure your complete
satisfaction with this tool, occasionally, due to the mass
manufacturing techniques, a tool may not live up to our
required level of performance and you may need the
assistance of our service department.
This product is warranted for a 2-year period for
commercial and trade use from the date of the original
purchase. If found to be defective in materials or
workmanship, the tool or the offending faulty
component will be replaced free of charge with another
of the same item. A small freight charge may apply.
The warranty replacement unit is only made available by
returning the tool to the place of purchase with a
confirmed register receipt. Proof of purchase is essential.
We reserve the right to reject any claim where the
purchase cannot be verified.
This warranty does not include damage or defects to the tool
caused by or resulting from abuse, accidents or alterations.
It also does not cover any bonus accessories unless the
tool is a GMC Platinum Professional model.
Please ensure that you store your receipt in a safe place
Conditions apply to the above warranty.
If you need direction of what constitutes a free of
charge warranty claim, please review the guide given on
the rear of the Receipt Holder. An indication is given as
to the types of claim that are permissible, and those
that are not.
Warranty 2
Introduction 3
Environmental protection 3
Description of symbols 3
Specifications 3
General safety rules 4
Additional safety rules for laser lights 5
Additional safety rules for circular saws 6
Know your product 8
Accessories 9
Unpacking 9
Assembly 9
Overview 9
Adjusting the cutting depth 9
Adjusting the bevel angle 10
Adjusting the bevel setting 10
Adjusting the angle pointer 11
Switching on and off 11
Making a cut 11
Using the parallel fence guide 12
Dust extraction 12
Using the REDEYE® system 12
Changing the blade 13
Maintenance 14
General inspection 14
Repairs 14