Use and Care

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1. Turn slicer off.
2. Turn slice thickness dial clockwise past zero (0) until
it stops so the table covers the knife edge.
3. Unplug the power cord.
4. Remove the food chute’s end weight. Hold the end weight and unscrew the
slide rod (Fig. 11-1). Pull the slide rod out of the pivot of the end weight.
5. Continue by removing the food chute, loosening the food chute release
knob that fastens the food chute to the chute arm (Fig. 11-2). Note:The
Lift the food chute off the chute arm.
6. Disassemble the food chute. Using the knob on the back of the chute,
unscrew the food chute into three separate pieces (see photos below).
7. Remove the knife sharpener. Loosen the screw on the neck of sharpener,
then lift the knife sharpener off and away from the slicer (Fig. 11-3).
8. Remove the knife cover by rotating the knife cover release knob counterclockwise
until it releases (Fig. 11-4), while carefully holding the edge of the knife cover and
lifting the knife cover upward to remove.
NOTE: The slicer will not start with the knife cover removed.
BEALERT.The slicer knife edge is exposed. Always be aware of the
placement of your hands/ngers in relationship to the knife.
9. Remove the slice deector. The slice deector can be removed by loosening
the screw knobs (Fig. 11-4).
Place all removable parts in a three compartment sink with
warm water and a mild detergent solution; soak, clean, and
thoroughly scrub all surfaces using a solution of mild
detergent and warm water. Removable parts include: food chute and all of its parts,
end weight, slide rod, knife cover, knife sharpener, and slice deector
Rinse removable parts with fresh, clean water. Following the instructions on your quaternary sanitizer label,
soak the food chute and all of its parts, knife cover, knife sharpener and slice deector in a proper solution of
quaternary sanitizer for a minimum of two minutes. Allow these parts to air dry.
Figure 11-1
Figure 11-2
Figure 11-3
Figure 11-4