Use and Care

Page 14
• NEVERtouch rotating knife.
• ALWAYSkeep hands clear of all moving parts.
• ALWAYSturn slicer off, return the auto engage lever to “Manual” position (G12A only), turn slice thickness
dial clockwise until it stops, and remove food chute before sharpening.
• NEVERsharpen slicer unless all guards are installed.
1. Symptoms of a dull knife are excess waste (or “tail”) on the unsliced portion remaining in the food chute.
2. The knife needs to be sharpened periodically to provide consistent slices and maximum
food product yield. Sharpening the knife lightly every few days is more effective than
heavy sharpening at less frequent intervals.
1. Turn the slicer off and turn the slice thickness dial clockwise until it stops so the slicer
table covers the knife’s edge.
2. Remove food chute from the slicer.
3. Clean and dry both sides of the knife before sharpening, following instructions for knife
cleaning on pages 10 through 13.
NOTE: The knife cover must be on during sharpening. The slicer will not start if the
knife cover is removed.
4. Loosen the sharpener release knob by turning it counterclockwise several times
(Fig. 14-1).
5. Lift the sharpener cover up (Fig. 14-1), rotate it clockwise (Fig. 14-2) and lower it
into position with the knife tting between the two stones (Fig. 14-3).
6. Tighten the sharpener release knob (Fig. 14-1) to secure the sharpener.
Figure 14-1
Figure 14-2
Figure 14-3