Use and Care

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Various slicer parts need to be lubricated periodically using Globe oil. Globe oil is a light,
tasteless, odorless mineral oil that will not contaminate or impart odors or taste to sliced food
It is necessary to lubricate the food chute slide rod with Globe oil if the food chute becomes
dif cult to push.
1. Ensure the slicer is off and unplugged. Then remove the food chute.
2. Tilt the slicer on its end. NOTE: The bottom of the G12A is completely covered.
Unscrew the four rubber feet to remove the slicer cover.
3. Put several drops of Globe oil on the slide rod (Fig. 17-1) towards the top of the rod.
4. Tilt the slicer back to its normal position.
5. Push the food chute back and forth several times to distribute the oil
onto the slide rod.
6. Reinstall the food chute.
7. Plug the slicer in.
It is necessary to lubricate the sharpener shafts with Globe oil every week.
1. Loosen the sharpener release knob and pull the sharpener up to remove it (Fig. 17-2).
2. Put several drops of Globe oil on the shaft behind each sharpening stone (Fig 17-3).
3. Push both sharpener buttons a couple of times to distribute the oil
onto the shafts.
4. Put several drops of Globe oil on the main shaft (Fig. 17-2), place the
sharpener back into position and tighten the sharpener release knob.
5. Wipe off any excess oil that drips onto the slicer.
NOTE: The sharpener and stones can be cleaned with warm water and a brush.
Allow it to air dry. Ifthesharpenerorstonesarecleaned,itisveryimportant
The end weight slide rod should be lubricated with a few drops of Globe oil,
every week or when excessive drag is felt.
1. Apply a few drops of Globe oil to the slide rod (Fig. 17-4).
2. Slide the end weight up and down to distribute the oil.
Figure 17-1
Slide Rod
Figure 17-2
Figure 17-4
End Weight Slide Rod
Figure 17-3
Sharpener Release Knob
Main Shaft
Figure 17-4