Use and Care

Page 18
Slicer will not start Slicer not plugged in Plug in slicer
Knife cover removed or not properly
Install knife cover and tighten the
knife cover release knob
Motor reset button tripped Press the reset button located
underneath the slicer
Ragged cuts-poor yield Dull knife Sharpen knife-make sure knife and
stones are clean
Chipped knife Sharpen or have new knife installed
Knife-slicer table gap too wide Call for service to adjust slicer table
Knife too small Have new knife installed
Metal rubbing knife Knife cover Tighten knife cover release knob
Food chute Tighten or adjust food chute knob
End weight Have defective end weight replaced
Slicer table Call for service to adjust slicer table
Hard to push food chute No lubrication Lubricate slide rods thoroughly with
Globe oil. Donotusevegetable
Hard to sharpen Stones dirty, wet or clogged with
Clean stones with warm water
and a brush. Allow stones to air
dry. Lubricate shafts with Globe oil
Knife dirty Clean top and bottom of knife
Worn stones Have stones replaced
Stones not properly aligned Have sharpener adjusted
Slicer stops running Motor overheated Wait 10-15 minutes for slicer to cool
down. Push the reset button, then
start the slicer.
If problems persist and the assigned solution does not remedy the issue, please call our Service
Department at 866-260-0522.