Use and Care

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• NEVER touch this slicer without training and authorization from your supervisor or if you are under 18 years
old. Read this instruction manual rst.
• ONLY install the slicer on a level nonskid surface that is nonammable and is located in a clean, well-lit
work area away from children and visitors.
• ALWAYS ground slicer utilizing proper power source.
• NEVERTOUCHKNIFE. Keep hands and arms away from all moving parts.
• NEVEROPERATE slicer without knife cover and knife ring guard securely installed.
• BEFORETURNINGSLICERON,place auto engage lever in “Manual” position (G12A only).
BEALERT. The food chute moves back and forth during automatic operation and can move in either
direction on start up (G12A only).
NEVERHOLDTHEFOODPRODUCTWHILESLICING. Hold only the end weight handle to slice.
DONOTCATCHSLICESWITHYOURHAND. Let slices drop onto the receiving area.
• ALWAYS turn slicer off, return auto engage lever to “Manual” position (G12A only) and turn the
slice thickness dial clockwise until it stops after each use.
turn the slice thickness dial clockwise until it stops, remove food chute and unplug power cord.
• ALWAYSproperlycleanandsanitizeyourslicer.To prevent illness or death caused by the spread of
food-borne pathogens, it is important to properly clean and sanitize the entire slicer as any surface of
the slicer can become contaminated. It is the responsibility of the slicer owner/operator to follow all
guidelines, instructions and laws as established by your local and state health departments and the
manufacturers of chemical sanitizers.