Use and Care

Page 6
1. Unpack the slicer immediately after receipt. If the machine is found to be damaged, save the packaging
material and contact the carrier within fteen (15) days of delivery and immediately contact your source of the
equipment. Youhavenorecoursefordamageafterfteen(15)daysofreceipt.
2. With the slicer you should receive: four rubber feet, lubricating oil, and an instruction manual. Contact Globe
or your local supplier if you did not receive all of these items.
ALWAYS install equipment in a work area with adequate light and space.
ONLY operate on a solid, level, nonskid surface that is nonammable.
• NEVER operate slicer with a damaged power cord or power plug.
• NEVER operate slicer with an extension cord.
NEVER bypass, alter, or modify this equipment in any way from its original condition. Doing so may create
hazards and will void warranty.
• NEVER operate slicer without the knife cover and knife ring guard securely installed.
• NEVER operate slicer without the warning label attached (see page 4 for location).
1. Read this manual thoroughly before installation and operation. DONOT proceed with installation and
operation if you have any questions or if you do not understand anything in the manual. Contact your local
representative or Globe rst. Make sure to clean and sanitize your entire slicer before use. Refer
to this manual for cleaning and sanitizing guidelines.
2. Remove the slicer from the corrugated box.
3. Make sure the rubber feet are rmly tightened.
4. Select a location for the slicer that has a level, solid, nonskid surface that is nonammable and is in a
well-lit work area that is away from children and visitors.