Use and Care

Page 9
5. Use the food chute handle to manually push the food chute back and forth. The food chute handle is the only
part of the slicer you should touch while slicing. Do not catch slices with your hand. Let slices drop onto the
receiving area.
6. After the last slice stroke, pull the food chute all the way towards you. Turn the slicer off by pushing the stop
button. The power indicator light will go out. Always turn slice thickness dial clockwise until it stops to close
the slicer table.
7. Now you can unload and load food product from the food chute.
1. Make sure the slicer is turned off (power indicator light not illuminated). Make sure auto engage lever is in
“Manual” position (Fig. 9-1) and the food chute moves freely.
2. Pull the food chute completely towards you and place the food product onto the food chute. Slice only
boneless, unfrozen product with the slicer. Swing the end weight into position to secure food product.
3. Rotate the slice thickness dial counterclockwise to the desired setting. After slicing is complete, always turn
the slice thickness dial clockwise until it stops to close the slicer table.
4. Press the start button. The power indicator light will illuminate (see page 4 for location).
5. To make the food chute move automatically, pull up or raise the auto
engage lever into the “Automatic” position (Fig. 9-2).
6. To stop the automatic movement of the food chute, push down or lower
the auto engage lever to the “Manual” position.
7. To turn the slicer completely off and stop the knife, press the stop button.
If the auto engage lever has not already been returned to the “Manual”
position, push down or lower the lever to the “Manual” position.
Figure 9-2
Figure 9-1