This handbook contains important security measures and the correct use of the product
information, in order to avoid accidents. Pls make sure to reading the manual carefully
before use the device.
Please don’t be in high temperature, moisture or very dust place
Please don’t be in high temperature, Especially in summer don't put the device in the
car when Windows closed.
Avoid fall or Violent collision of the device, don’t make the TFT display screen were
violent tremor, This could cause TFT display screen abnormal or damage.
Please choose the appropriate volume, Use headphones shoulds not be too big
volume, If feel tinnitus, Lower the volume or stop using it
please charge In the following condition,
A The battery power ICONS shows have no power
B The system automatically shut off, startup after power off soon
C Operation buttons no response
D The machine that the top right corner show red icons
When the device in the format or ongoing upload and download file, please do
n't suddenly disconnect, This could cause application error.
For those who because of damage to the product, repair, or other causes of erased
the memory, The company shall not be liable for any responsibility, please follow the
user manual for the standardized operation to use the device.
Don’t disassemble the product, don’t use alcoholThinner or benzene to scrubbing
Don't use the device one of the place of prohibit to use electronic equipment in
regional (such as the plane)
Please don't using the Tablet PC when you in driving or walking down the street,
USB just only be used for data transmission
The company reserves the right to improve product, products specification and desi
gn have any change, The information is subject to changes without prior notice.
(This tablet is no waterproof function)
RemarkAll pictures in this manual is just for your reference. products specificati
on and design have any change, The information is subject to changes without pri
or notice.

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