Heavy Duty Coolant Tank /
Bed Filter / Magnetic Separator
Operation and
Do not install or operate until you have read all
warnings and instructions and understand the
• Turn off power to the unit before beginning mainte-
nance on the Graymills Coolant Tank, Bed Filter, or
Magnetic Separator.
• Read and follow all safety instructions supplied with
chemical/coolant being used in your machine tool.
• To avoid damage to the unit, check power source for
proper voltage and phase. Unit comes standard with a
transformer capable of accepting either 230V or 460V,
3 phase power.
• As in all electrical circuits, it is highly recommended
that an electric safety device such as a fusible discon-
nect or circuit breaker be installed in line before unit is
Do not use an extension cord to supply bed filter system.
GM 4-00
BFCT40 Bed Filter with 35-gallon pump/tank
MS40 Magnetic Separator for BFCT40
BFCT80 Bed Filter with 90-gallon pump/tank
MS80 Magnetic Separator for BFCT80
• Make sure that pump is spinning freely. See
Maintenance instructions.
• Check the rotation of the pump before starting opera-
tion. Rotation should be in a clockwise direction look-
ing down on the motor (match arrow on pump body).
• Ensure that all fittings and connections are properly
• It is important that sensitive electronic equipment,
such as:
personal electronic devices such as pacemakers
magnetic media such as credit cards
be kept a safe distance from the Magnetic Separator
when it is in operation.
Never work with equipment you feel may be
unsafe. Contact your Supervisor immediately.

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