Addendum to Operating Manual 795-09456-C 12-07
Quick Change PERISTALTIC INK PUMPS and Retrofit Kits to
Convert SPLASH RESISTANT PUMPS to “Quick Change
SAFETY-Do Not operate pump without Pump Head installed on the motor housing. Pump Head must be
properly and securely installed on the pump for safe operation.
Pump Head must be fully inserted into the adapter and Retractable Pin must be fully engaged for
pump to operate properly.
DO NOT pull Retractable Pin while pump is in operation. Stop pump before pulling pin.
DO NOT attempt to remove, rotate or make any adjustments to Pump Head while pump is in
Disconnect power supply to the pump before making any connections, adjustments or performing
service work
TheQuick Change” Pump has two head sizes: PPS and PPL. The Retrofit Kit must match your pump
head size: Kit C-39598 converts the PPS (Small) to the PQS Quick Change head; and the C-39601
converts the PPL (Large) to the PQL Quick Change head.
The Retrofit Kits to convert Splash Resistant Pumps to “Quick Change” Heads are:
Graymills Part Number C-39598 to Convert Small Pump Heads (PPS) to the “Quick
Change (PQS) Head;
Graymills Part Number C-39601 to Convert Large Pump Heads (PPL) to the “Quick
Change” (PQL) Head.
NOTE: All users of the “Quick Change” Single Head must first review OMI #795-09456 for
complete instructions regarding general peristaltic pump safety, operation and installation. All
instructions contained here apply to unique characteristics of the Single Head Peristaltic Ink
Pump only.
Splash Resistant Peristaltic Pump
“Quick Change” Peristaltic Pump with
Removable Head

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