Motor and Drive Installation Instructions
Model SWB units are shipped from stock without motors or drives.
1. Adjust motor pulley to its closed position for
maximum fan speed or increments of 1/2 turn
open (maximum of 5 turns open) for reduced fan
speed. Tighten set screw on flat area only.
4. Install shaft pulley to fan shaft.
5. Install drive belt(s). Belts should not be forced
over pulleys. Align motor and shaft pulleys with a
straight edge. Tighten all set screws.
6. Adjust belt tension.
See page 6 for belt tensioning instructions.
2. Install motor pulley to the motor shaft and install
motor to the motor plate. Pre-punched holes are
provided for most common motor frame sizes.
3. If supplied, install taperlock bushing into
shaft pulley.
Centrifugal Utility Fans