Will the BOND work if I do not have a remote control for my
ceiling fan?
You need your remote control in order to program the BOND.
Can I use the BOND to dim the lights on my ceiling fan?
Yes. If your remote control has a dimmer feature then the BOND will
allow you to dim the light on your ceiling fan.
Does the BOND needs to be connected to WI-FI in order to work
with my fan?
Yes, BOND needs to be connected to Wi-Fi network in order to
operate your fan remotely.
WillWill the BOND control a ceiling fan on the second floor of my
home is placed at the rst floor?
One BOND can control up to 6 devices within an area of 2,500 square
ft. including homes with multiple floors or levels. The range of the
BOND also depends on the type of materials used for the wall
construction. Our coverage estimate is based on standard dry wall
Can the BOND control IR remotes in addition to RF remotes?
Yes, the BOND can record IR remotes AND RF remotes.
How can I know if the BOND would control the ceiling fan I
already have?
TheThe BOND is designed to learn and control ANY type of ceiling fan
remote control.
I do not have a ceiling fan remote - is there a recommended KIT
I should buy that works better with BOND?
Yes, here are two examples:
HamptonHampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote Control-
Hampton Bay Universal Wall 3-Speed Dim Remote Control-
Will the BOND control my garage door, replace, motorized
shades, or A/C?
TheThe BOND hardware is capable of controlling all these devices they
are not yet supported in our software app.

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