Problem Solution
The fan will not start Check the main and branch circuit fuses or breakers.
Check the line wire connections to the fan and switch wire connections in the switch housing.
Check the battery in the remote control.
Ensure you are in the normal range of 10-20 feet.
Remember to turn off the power supply before checking the dip switch settings.
The fan is noisy Ensure all motor housing screws are snug.
Ensure the screws that attach the fan blade bracket to the motor hub are tight.
Ensure the wire nut connections are not rattling against each other or the interior wall of the switch housing.
Allow a 24-hour “breaking in” period. Most noises associated with a new fan disappear during this time.
If you are using the Ceiling Fan light kit, ensure the screws securing the glassware are tight. Check that the light
bulbs are also secure.
Ensure the canopy is a short distance from the ceiling. It should not touch the ceiling.
Ensure your outlet box is secure and rubber isolator pads were used between the mounting plate and outlet box.
The fan wobbles Check that all blade and blade arm screws are secure.
Most fan wobble problems are caused when blade levels are unequal. Check this level by selecting a point on
the ceiling above the tip of one of the blades. Measure from a point on the center of the blade to the point on the
ceiling. Rotate the fan until the next blade is positioned for measurement, and measure from the same point on
each blade to the ceiling. Repeat for each blade. Any measurement deviation should be within 1/8 in. Run the fan
for ten minutes. If the fan continues to wobble please contact Home Decorators Collection Customer Service and
a balacing kit will be sent to you at no charge.
The lights or fan do
not turn on.
Verify the dip switch settings on the remote and the receiver.
Check wire connections
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Can I use LED bulbs
with this fan?
Can I use a universal
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