Assembly, Use & Care Guidelines
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1. Assemble your furniture and set the cushions in place. is
will help you to determine which cushion goes where and what slip
covers it. Match the slips with the cushions by laying the slip on top
of the cushion paying close attention to the orientation.
e assembly instructions of your furniture set should designate the seat
and back cushions. Many cushions have trapezoidal shapes which make
the direction of the cushion especially important. Slips generally have a
zipper on the back.
2. Fold the cushion in half, pushing the sides together, then begin
to slide the slip onto it.
Fold the cushion between your legs or against a hard surface to make
this step a easier. Larger cushions may require more than one person.
3. With the slip about 10 inches onto the cushion, pull the rest of
the slip onto the front end. en, work the slip the rest of the way
onto it.
4. After the slip is all the way onto the cushion grasp one side of
the cushion with one hand and reach all the way into the corner to
make sure the cushion tucked all the way in. Once the slip is on,
close the zipper.
e zipper seam may be quite tight. It will be helpful to pull the seam
together as you close it to prevent breaking the zipper.
5. If the slip does not quite rest on the cushion as you would like,
work the slip into place by folding the cushion the opposite way
that it was folded to install the slip. Gently working the cushion will
allow the slip to move into its natural shape.
For larger cushions, you can carefully press the sides of the cushion
against the edge of a table.
is item is tailor made for your cushions and will be taught. If the
slip appears skewed or out of alignment additional adjustments may be
necessary. e slip will continue to settle into place with use.
Care & Cleaning Guidelines
To clean your cushions, mix two capfuls of dish soap in one gallon
of lukewarm water. Spot clean a small area rst to test, then use a
sponge to apply the solution to your cushion. Rinse well and allow
to air dry.
Never use bleach or other harsh cleaners. Do not machine wash.
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