Instructions / Assembly

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Problem Possible Cause Solution
The doorbell
sounds but does
not play the entire
tune or the “TUNE”
button does not
The push button diode
is not installed cor-
rectly or is not working
Verify the diode is attached securely to the main push
button; see step 5 under Installation - Wired Doorbell.
The doorbell may not function properly if a diode is
installed on more than one push button. Note: Some
push buttons have a pre-installed diode. An additional
diode should not be installed if the push button has a
pre-installed diode. If the musical tune still does not
sound completely, replace the diode (Type 1N4001-50V-
1A, available at a local electrical component supplier).
The transformer may
not be working properly.
If the diode is connected to the “FRONT” door push button
and the doorbell does play the entire tune, the doorbell
is not receiving enough power from the transformer. Test
the transformer voltage output with a volt meter. Set
volt meter to read A/C voltage. The voltage should read
between 18 - 22 volts A/C on the low voltage side of the
transformer when the doorbell is NOT playing. If the volt
meter reads below 18 volts, replace the transformer.
Troubleshooting - Wireless Doorbell
Problem Possible Cause Solution
The doorbell does
not sound.
The push button and
doorbell are not synced.
Follow step 2 under Installation - Wireless Doorbell to
The batteries are not
installed correctly.
Make sure the batteries are installed according to the dia-
gram inside the push button and doorbell (if applicable).
The batteries are dead. Check the charge of the push button and doorbell batter-
ies (if applicable) and replace if necessary.
The batteries
seem okay, but
the doorbell does
not work after
The doorbell or push but-
ton is mounted on metal
or near metal studs.
Metal reduces transmission range. Use 1/4 in. to 1/2 in.
(6 to 13 mm) wood shims to move the doorbell or push
button away from the metal surface.
The doorbell is mounted
near a concrete oor
or wall.
Concrete may reduce range. Move the doorbell away
from the concrete surface.
The doorbell and push
button are installed too
far apart.
Locate the doorbell closer to the push button.
Doorbell sounds
when not intended
(false triggers).
Doorbell is receiving in-
terference from another
wireless device.
Reset doorbell and push button.
Remove push button batteries. Wait 30 seconds.
Press and hold the push button for 10 to 15 seconds
within 60 seconds after installing battery into the
push button.
Press and hold the button on the doorbell until the
doorbell sounds a “Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep”.
To re-sync the push button and doorbell, follow step
2 under Installation - Wireless Doorbell.
Troubleshooting - Wired Doorbell (continued)