Product manual

Page 2 For technical questions, please call 1-888-866-5797. Item 61666
Important Safety Information
2. Pressurize only with hand pump. Do
not use engine to pressurize system.
3. Loosen the radiator cap slowly.
4. Keep away from hot engine
parts and fluids.
5. Use this product only
according to these instructions.
Improper use can create hazards.
6. Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles
and heat resistant work gloves
during product assembly and use.
7. Refer to the vehicle’s service
manual for specific radiator pressure
testing instructions before use.
8. Clean up coolant spills immediately.
Dispose of fluids according
to local, state, and federal
codes and regulations.
9. Keep work area clean and well lit.
10. Do not overreach. Keep proper
footing and balance at all times.
This enables better control of the
product in unexpected situations.
11. Keep bystanders out of the area
during assembly and use.
12. Do not assemble or operate when
tired or when under the influence
of drugs or medication.
13. This product is not a toy.
Do not allow children to play
with or near this product.
14. Use as intended only.
15. Inspect before every use.
Do not use if parts missing or damaged.
16. Maintain product labels and nameplates.
These carry important safety
information. If unreadable or missing,
contact Harbor Freight Tools
for a replacement.
Operating Instructions
1. Refer to the vehicle’s service
manual for specific radiator
pressure testing instructions.
2. Loosen the vehicle’s radiator cap
slowly to relieve any excess pressure
before removing the cap completely.
Do not open the cap of a hot radiator.
3. Select the Proper Adapter and
configuration of the Stationary Seat
accessories. Securely attach the
adapter to the filler neck of the
radiator or expansion tank.
4. Attach the Quick Connector of the
Hand Pump onto the Adapter.
5. Rapidly pump the Hand Pump while
watching the pressure gauge.
Pressurize the radiator up to
the optimal pressure only -
Do not overpressurize the radiator.
Readings normally range 12 ~15 PSI.
If the pressure level is too low, there
may be a leak in the radiator or hose.
6. Once the test is complete, release
the air pressure by pressing the
Pressure Release Valve on the
Hand Pump. Then disconnect the
Quick Coupler and Adapter assembly.
7. Store the Kit in its Case in a clean, dry,
safe location out of reach of children.