- TerraMarc Chipper Owner & Operators Manual

Page 76" & 8" Bear Cat Chipper Operators Manual
Move machine to a clear, level area outdoors before
starting. Do not operate machine on a paved, concrete,
or gravel surface. Do not operate in the vicinity of
bystanders. Make sure cutting chamber is empty
before starting.
Some oil usage is normal. Check level with each use.
Handle fuel (gasoline) with care. It is highly flammable.
Always use an approved container and fill tank
outdoors. Never add fuel to a running or hot engine.
1. Before starting, fill engine with oil to the correct level.
See engine manual for operation and maintenance in-
2. Before starting, fill fuel tank with fresh, clean unleaded
regular gasoline. DO NOT MIX OIL WITH GASOLINE.
Obtain and wear safety glasses at all times when
operating the machine. Do not wear loose fitting
clothing. The operator should always wear heavy
boots, gloves, pants, and shirt. Use common sense
and practice safety to protect yourself from branches,
sharp objects, and other harmful objects.
3. Depress foot clutch pedal down, this will disengage drive
belts and enable engine to start.
4. Refer to Honda engine owners manual for engine star-
5. Once engine is running and no choke is needed, slowly
let foot clutch pedal up. This will engage drive belt and
the rotor will turn.
6. If engine kills when engaging foot clutch pedal, either
use more choke or increase engine RPM.
7. When clutch is engaged, the foot pedal may vibrate or
shake until the engine and rotor have increased to full
running RPM.
8. The chipper frame assembly can turn 360 degrees clock-
wise or counterclockwise. Press down on the foot pedal
located underneath the frame near the tow hitch and
the frame will pivot on the trailer to your desired loca-
tion. Let up on the foot pedal and the frame will lock
into place for use. The discharge tube can also turn 360
degrees to your desired location.