- TerraMarc Chipper Owner & Operators Manual

Page 10 6" & 8" Bear Cat Chipper Operators Manual
When the Chipper Blades dull, chipping becomes difficult.
It is recommended that the chipper blades are sharpened
every 5-15 hours of chipper operation.
The Chipper Blades are two edged. When the first edge
dulls, flip the blade to use the sharp second edge. After
both edges are dull, sharpen the chipper blades.
Follow the procedure below to remove the chipping blades
for sharpening:
1. Remove the two 3/8 inch retaining bolts holding the ac-
cess cover to main frame assembly.
2. Tilt access cover over to allow rotor access. Rotate the
Before inspecting or servicing any part of the machine,
shut off the power source, disconnect the spark plug
wire from the spark plug, and make sure all moving
parts have come to a complete stop. The chipping
blades are sharp! Use care when working on machine
to avoid injury.
The rotor assembly has a lock mechanism. When
working on the rotor assembly, use the lock
mechanism at all times. Remove plastic bearing cover
under chipper chute. There is a hole in the rotor jack
shaft and a matching hole in the bracket mounted to
the rotor bearing front side. Install a punch through the
rotor shaft and bracket to lock the rotor in place.
rotor so that the bolts holding the chipper blades are
most accessible (See Fig. #6).
3. Remove the two hex head bolts holding the blade itself.
Repeat for all four blades. The four chipping blades have
two edges per blade and can be reversed one time each
before sharpening. Reinstall chipping blades and pro-
ceed with chipping.
4. If already reversed, the chipping blades will have to be
ground to a 45 degree angle. Be careful when grinding
so that the blade material does not get too hot and
change colorthis will remove the blade's special heat
treated properties. Use short grinding times and cool
with water. Try to remove an equal amount off each blade
to maintain balance.
5. Replace the chipping blades and tighten bolts to 75 ft.
Service & Maintenance
Fig. #6