- TerraMarc Chipper Owner & Operators Manual

Page 116" & 8" Bear Cat Chipper Operators Manual
The four edged chipping blades should clear the chipping
anvil located directly under the chipper chute by 1/16 inch
to 1/8 inch. The chipping anvil is adjustable and
1. Lift rotor access cover and expose rotor (See Fig. #7).
Loosen the three 1/2 inch bolts that hold the chipper
anvil to the frame.
2. Measure the amount of clearance between chipping
blade and chipping anvil from inside of housing.
3. Adjust inward or outward to desired measurement.
4. Tighten bolts on chipping anvil to 75 ft. lbs. and resume
If chipping anvil edge is damaged or worn unevenly,
remove the three bolts holding the anvil and use one of the
other three edges. Adjust for correct measurement.
Service and Maintenance
Check the condition of the drive belt annually or after every
30 hours of operation, whichever comes first. If the belt is
cracked, frayed, worn, or stretched, replace it. Only
replace belt with original branded type belt, do not use
single type belts. To adjust the belt, proceed as follows:
1. Depress foot clutch pedal. Shut engine off and discon-
nect battery cables.
2. Remove large belt guard (three 5/16 inch bolts).
3. Adjust the eyebolt that anchors the idler spring to ad-
just belt tension. Tighten the eyebolt until the belt de-
flection at the center of the belt is 7/16" when a 20 lb.
load is placed against the belt (See Fig. # 9).
4. Replace belt guard.
5. Start engine and test belt for looseness.
Fig. #7