- TerraMarc Chipper Owner & Operators Manual

Page 2 6" & 8" Bear Cat Chipper Operators Manual
10. Wear safety glasses at all times
while operating this machine.
11. Use only in daylight or good artifi-
cial light.
12. Never use without proper guards
in place.
13. Avoid wearing loose fitting cloth-
ing. Never operate this machine
wearing clothing with drawstrings
that could wrap around or get
caught in the machine.
14. Check that all screws, nuts, bolts,
and other fasteners are properly se-
cured before starting the machine.
Check all screws, nuts, bolts, and
other fasteners for proper tightness
to ensure everything is in proper
working condition once every 10
hours of operation.
15. Keep all guards, deflectors, and
shields in place and in good work-
ing condition.
16. Do not transport or move machine
while the machine is running.
1. Do not allow hands or any part of
body or clothing near any moving
2. Exclude pieces of metal, rocks,
bottles, cans, and other foreign ob-
jects from entering the machine.
8. Set up your work site so you are
not endangering traffic and the pub-
lic. Take great care to provide ad-
equate warnings.
9. Ensure debris does not blow into
traffic, parked cars, or pedestrians.
10. Check the bolts for correct torque
every 10 hours of operation.
11. Shut off engine and allow machine
to stop completely before clearing
debris if the machine becomes
Keep hands, feet and clothing out of
inlets and discharge openings while
machine is operating to avoid seri-
ous personal injury.
Material can kickup or shift suddenly
and cause serious injury or death.
Wear eye and hearing protection.
3. Shut off machine immediately if the
cutting mechanism strikes any for-
eign object or the machine starts
making an unusual noise or vibrat-
ing. Allow the machine to stop
completely. After machine stops:
A. Inspect for damage.
B. Replace or repair any
damaged parts.
C. Check for and tighten any
loose parts.
4. Stand clear of the discharge area
when operating this machine.
5. Keep your face and body back from
the feed opening.
6. Do not climb on machine when op-
erating. Keep proper balance and
footing at all times.
7. Keep the machine clear of debris
and other accumulations.