High Altitude Kit Guide

©2017 Hestan Commercial Corporation
6. If your grill is equipped with both open-flame (Trellis or U-burners) and Infrared Sear Burners, verify
you have the correct orifice for each kind of burner. The orifice size is stamped on the body of the
orifice. Consult the chart at the end of this manual for what size is used on each burner type for your
altitude. This is also a good time to clean and inspect the burners for clogged ports, debris, spider
webs, etc.
Install the orifices slowly by hand to avoid cross-threading and damaging the threads. The orifice
will become noticeably harder to turn as you proceed. Make frequent visual checks of the orifice as
it goes onto the valve. As shown below, the orifice is nearly bottomed-out on the valve body. You
want to tighten all the orifices equally so they are all seated the same distance. Use a burner to check
the orifice is properly seated. As shown, the burner should fully seat with the orifice protruding into
the air shutter as far as possible. The burner should rest flat on the burner hanger at the back of the