Use and Care

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21. Never touch the cooking grates, hood, or immediate surrounding metal surfaces with your
bare hands while grilling, as these areas become extremely hot and could cause burns. Use
only the handles and knobs provided for operation of the grill.
22. Protect your hand when opening a hot grill hood. Use an insulated glove or mitt when
operating the grill. Always open the hood slowly to allow heat and smoke to escape before
fully opening. Keep your face and body as far away as possible when opening the hood.
Never lean over an open hot grill.
23. The grill hood must be fully opened while lighting the grill. Opening the gas valves on a
closed grill before lighting will not make it light sooner or more efficiently. It will only risk
explosion and personal injury, or death. Never lean over a hot grill surface, or look directly
into the grill when attempting to light. See the LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS section of this
24. Do not heat unopened food containers (cans) as pressure build-up will cause the container to
25. Do not use aluminum foil to line cooking grates or the drip tray. This will alter the airflow
to the grill or trap excessive heat in the control area. This can melt control knobs, wiring, or
igniters, and increase the risk of personal injury. Such damage is specifically excluded from
our warranty.
26. Never grill without the drip tray in place and pushed all the way to the back of the grill.
Without the drip tray, hot grease can leak downward creating a fire or explosion hazard.
27. Grease is extremely flammable. Let hot grease cool before attempting to handle or dispose
of it. Avoid letting grease deposits collect in the bottom of the grill by cleaning the drip tray
often. Never clean while the grill is on, or hot from recent use.
28. Grilling excessively fatty meats and oils will cause flare-ups. Internal fires or damage caused
by them or by the grill being left unattended, are not covered under the terms and conditions
of our warranty.
29. Never use charcoal, pellets, wood, or any other solid fuel in the grill. Wood chips for smoking
are to be used with the smoker accessory only. See the SMOKER section of this manual.
30. Only certain types of glass, heatproof glass-ceramic, earthenware, or other glazed utensils are
suitable for grill use. However, these types of materials may break with sudden temperature
changes. Use only on low or medium heat settings, and according to their manufacturers’
31. Do not lean on side shelves or place a load of more than 25 lbs (11.3 kg) on a side shelf.
32. Do not repair or replace any part of the grill unless specifically recommended in this manual.
All other warranty and non-warranty service should be referred to and performed by a
qualified technician.
33. For proper lighting and performance of the burners, keep the ports clean. It is necessary
to clean them periodically for optimum performance. The burners will operate only in one
position and must be mounted correctly for safe operation. See BURNER ADJUSTMENT
section of this manual.
34. Clean the grill with caution. Avoid steam burns - do not use a wet sponge or cloth to clean
the grill while it is hot. Some cleaners produce noxious fumes or can ignite when applied to
a hot surface. Be sure all grill controls are turned off and the grill is cool before using any
type of aerosol cleaner on or around the grill. The chemical that produces the spraying action
could, in the presence of heat, ignite or cause metal parts to corrode. Clean and perform
general maintenance on the grill twice a year. Watch for corrosion, cracks, or insect activity.
See the CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE section of this manual.