Use and Care

Message from Hestan:
Outdoor cooking is a perfectionist’s pursuit, and with your new investment,
you’ve now taken the ultimate step forward. We sincerely welcome you to
the Hestan Family. We’ve engineered and built our products so that your
guests will rave about your meal, but deep down, our customers know it
could’ve been just a little more tender, juicier – a pinch more salt in the rub
or a few seconds less on the flame. Yes, we’ve taken the time to know our
Hestan customer and we’re excited to be on this journey with you. Hestan
Outdoor was born from this same perfectionist passion. Our engineers
experimented, innovated, tweaked and tinkered until they created the most
powerful, versatile and reliable outdoor products available.
We pride ourselves on restless innovation, superior engineering and
purpose-built designs, but also our in-depth understanding of our target
consumer and the interests and needs of the ultimate end-users we serve
and covet. For many consumers, cooking outdoors is much more than an
act of food preparation. It’s a lifestyle activity that encompasses culinary,
leisure and social pursuits among others.
We are thankful and proud that you have chosen Hestan, and we yearn to
have you as a customer for life. We take your decision to choose Hestan
most seriously, and we promise to deliver the very best to you.
Welcome to Hestan Outdoor
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