Specifications Sheet

365 Model Shown
Burner (365 only)
Back-lit knobs
• Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)
• Available in Twelve (12) Hestan signature color nishes
• Backguards : Low Back 10” and High Shelf 20”
• High altitude kit
• Gas conversion kits (NG/LP)
• Gentle-close door feature is counterbalanced and equipped with a
shock absorption system for stable, assisted closing of the door and
smooth, effortless access.
• Exclusive PureVection
technology, electronically controls multiple heating
elements and convection systems, to optimize baking, broiling, roasting,
convection baking, and self cleaning processes. Achieved by alternating and
adjusting the levels of heat and air circulation needed to produce the best result.
• 5.8 Cu. Ft heavy duty, porcelain enameled oven cavity interior for even
heat distribution. Concealed bake, broil, and convection elements
designed for ease of cleaning and more usable capacity.
• Soft-on & off oven interior lighting.
• Comes standard with Island Trim
• MarquiseDisplay
patent pending touch control oven display is discreetly and
conveniently located in Marquise
accented oven door handle. Time, modes and
temperature are elegantly displayed.
• Distinctly angled oven door, commercial grade end caps and Marquise
accented handle are ergonomically designed for ease of opening and
closing of oven door.
• Zamak die-cast range and oven control knobs.
• Standard meat probe for accurate temperature measurement
• Elegantly backlit control knobs add
functionality and brilliant illumination.
• Heavy-duty cast-iron grates provide a continuous uninterrupted and
maximized cooking surface for best in class coverage. In combination with
brass sealed burner and burner bowl, designed to optimize combustion efciency to produce
top cooking performance, including the fastest time-to-boil.
• Award winning CircuFlame
brass sealed center power burner provides 30,000 Btu/hour of
high-performance cooking power, featured in Michelin starred restaurants and
used by the top chefs around the country. - 5 burner (365) conguration only.
• High performance dual-ow burner system allows for signicant turndown capability from high Btu
performance (23,000 Btu/hour Front Burners) to low continuous simmer (500 Btu/hour All Burners). - NG
• Robust electronic ignition/re-ignition capability to provide safety
and proper gas ignition. Igniter will continue to spark until the burner
ame is established, and re-ignite in the case of ame blow out.
• Patent pending, diamond stainless steel burner bowl, emphasizes
the CircuFlame
power burner. Allows for ease of cleaning with
a water tight seal. - 5 burner (365) conguration only.
• Exclusive raised pattern burner cap design that is easy to remove and clean.
• Three full-extension, telescopic professional oven racks with
(6) position rack supports, glide easily for convenient access.
• Extra-wide glass oven window provides improved viewing area while
keeping temperatures outside cool to touch
• High Performance, electrically powered heating element
up to 1650 watts.
GD congurations only
• 1/4” thick stainless steel robotically welded griddle plate.
• Teon coated front grease tray for ease of cleaning.
• Thermostatically controlled.
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