Configuration Guide

2 iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S(B)
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2. Operation
(1) False alarm filter
Go to NVR’s web page, ConfigurationEventSmart Event, tick ‘Enable Local
Smart Analysis’ (The ‘Enable Local Smart Analysis’ is ticked by default). Then you
can enable the smart event and choose between 3 modes: Human, Vehicle or
Human& Vehicle. Once you enable the option(s), it will based on the algorithm to
filter most of the false alarm.
If you don’t tick Enable Local Smart Analysis’, NVR would receive the alarm picture
from IPC to filter false alarm(IPC must have the ability to upload alarm picture to
Please notice NVR can support false alarm filtering for line crossing, intrusion
detection, region entrance and region exit, but only two of them can be enabled
simultaneously in the same channel when the Local Smart Analysis is enabled.