Configuration Guide

5 iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S(B)
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In order to make the whole system more accurate, there’re some mounting and rule
requirements for IP cameras.
In this chapter, we take several typical scenarios as examples to help you setup a
better perimeter system.
(1) IP camera installation
Camera is recommended to be installed 2-3 meters high in doors. If it is installed
outside, it should be 3-8m high. If there is fence, the installation height must be
higher than the fence.
The monitoring distance is recommended to be within 50 meters, estimated longest
distance for different focal length: 6mm, 30M; 8mm, 40M; 12mm, 50M. This is just a
reference, it varies in different scenarios.
Angle between the optic axis and the horizontal line should be larger than 15°.
(2) Rule size
The detection area should be larger than 1/4 of the image, which means the vertical
rule line should longer than 1/4 of the image vertical size while the horizontal rule
line should longer than 1/4 of the image horizontal size.
(3) Target size
DeepinMind NVR can analyze target whose height is between 1/16 and 1/2 of the
image vertical size. For instance, IP camera resolution is 1080P, target vertical size
should be larger than 64 pixels and smaller than 540 pixels.