Configuration Guide

8 iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S(B)
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Strong foreground light is usually generated by sudden light intensity change such as
car light, flash light, sunshine reflection. We suggest customer change IP camera’s
angle to avoid strong light or use cameras with HLC function.
4) Complex scene
We suggest customer use perimeter guarding alarm to detect human who is not
supposed to enter a region or cross a line, so it’s not applicable in a scenario such as
train station with large people flow.
The scene below has too many people and create a vast number of alarms, it’s not a
recommended scene for detection.
5) Detection rule
In addition to installation guide, appropriate rule is also a critical part in perimeter
guarding system.
Here’s an example, customer wants to detect man who walk across the door on the
left side. However, the rule is too near to the edge. Once a man appears in the
scene, there’s no enough time for NVR or IP camera to detect. We highly