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How to Configure Multicast
Every device has access limit. If the total number of people trying to visit and preview the
device via Internet is more than the limit, the rest would be unable to preview. In order to
avoid this phenomenon, we can configure the device with a multicast IP and try to access the
device through multicast protocol.
1, Download the plug-in in the web browser.
2, Download ivms-4200 and install it on PC.
3, A switch which supports multi-casting function.
1, If a different version of iVMS-4200 has been installed on the PC, please uninstall it first via
InstallShield Wizard and delete the file folder which was created during previous installation
2, Different IPC requires different multicast IP addresses.
3, The multicast IP configured in the IP camera belongs to multicast group.
How to configure multicast via IE:
1. Access to the device via browser.

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