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How to watch Smart Playback in NVR/DVR
The smart playback function provides an easy way to get through the less effective
information. When you select the smart playback mode, the system will analyze the video
containing the motion or VCA information, mark it with green color and play it in normal
speed while the video without motion will be played in the 16-time speed. The smart
playback rules and areas are configurable.
Note: This function is now supported by almost all E/-K/-I series NVR and Turbo DVR.
To get the smart search result, the corresponding event type must be enabled and configured
in the IP camera.
How to watch Smart Play back:
1. Enter Playback interface locally by following Menu -> Playback.
2. Select Smart in the drop-down list on the top-left side.
3. Select a camera in the camera list.
4. Select a date in the calendar and click the button to play the video file.

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