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Network Camera User Manual
6. Save the settings.
Configuring Audio Settings
1. Enter the Audio Settings interface: Configuration > Video/Audio > Audio.
Audio Settings
2. Configure the following settings.
Note: Audio settings vary according to different camera models.
Audio Encoding: G.722.1, G.711 ulaw, G.711alaw, G.726, MP2L2, PCM and MP3
are selectable. For MP2L2, the Sampling Rate and Audio Stream Bitrate are
configurable. For PCM, the Sampling Rate can be set.
Audio Input: MicIn and LineIn are selectable for the connected microphone and
pickup respectively.
Input Volume: 0-100 adjustable.
Environmental Noise Filter: Set it as OFF or ON. When the function is enabled,
the noise in the environment can be filtered to some extent.
3. Click Save to save the settings.
Configuring ROI Encoding
ROI (Region of Interest) encoding helps to discriminate the ROI and background