User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
and auxiliary focus manually.
Semi-Auto: Camera will focus automatically when you adjust the zoom
Day/Night Switch
Select the Day/Night Switch mode according to different surveillance demand.
Day, Night, Auto, Scheduled-Switch, and Triggered by alarm input are selectable
for day/night switch.
Day/Night Switch
Day: the camera stays at day mode.
Night: the camera stays at night mode.
Auto: the camera switches between the day mode and the night mode according
to the illumination automatically. The sensitivity ranges from 0 to 7, the higher
the value is, the easier the mode switches. The Filtering Time refers to the
interval time between the day/night switch. You can set it from 5s to 120s.
Scheduled-Switch: Set the start time and the end time to define the duration for
day/night mode.
Triggered by alarm input: The switch is triggered by alarm input. You can set the
triggered mode to day or night.
Smart Supplement Light: Set the supplement light as ON, and Auto and Manual
are selectable for light mode.
Select Auto, and the supplement light changes according to the actual
luminance. E.g., if the current scene is bright enough, then the supplement light
adjusts itself to lower power; and if the scene is not bright enough, the light
adjusts itself to higher power.
Select Manual, and you can adjust the supplement by adjusting the distance.