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Network Camera User Manual
E.g., if the object is near the camera, the device adjusts the supplement light to
lower power, and the light is in higher power if the object is far away.
Backlight Settings
BLC Area: If you focus on an object against strong backlight, the object will be
too dark to be seen clearly. BLC compensates light to the object in the front to
make it clear. OFF, Up, Down, Left, Right, Center, Auto, and Custom are
Note: If BLC mode is set as Custom, you can draw a red rectangle on the live
view image as the BLC area.
WDR: Wide Dynamic Range can be used when there is a high contrast of the
bright area and the dark area of the scene.
HLC: High Light Compression function can be used when there are strong lights
in the scene affecting the image quality.
White Balance
White balance is the white rendition function of the camera used to adjust the
color temperature according to the environment.
White Balance
Image Enhancement
Digital Noise Reduction: DNR reduces the noise in the video stream. OFF,
Normal and Expert are selectable. Set the DNR level from 0 to 100 in Normal
Mode. Set the DNR level from both space DNR level [0-100] and time DNR level
[0-100] in Expert Mode.
Defog Mode: You can enable the defog function when the environment is foggy